September 2, 2011

FFwD Corn Soup

Corn and crab meat soup is one of my favourite dishes to order when we go out for Chinese food.  So, I was really excited to try this one.  A very easy soup to make and it didn't disappoint!  The saltiness of the bacon, creme fraiche and crab meat really made it for me. Definitely tastier than the Chinese version.

My husbands first comment when he tasted it out of the pan was that's really sweet.  After his first bite when it was served with all the goodies was that's lovely!  And it was lovely, perfect way to start the weekend!

all the veggies

corn milk

Everything in one pot.  The herbs smelled wonderful
once they went in.  But, the rosemary was really
strong, so I took one sprig out and added a
little more thyme.

For toppings I went with green onion, fresh chilies,
bacon, creme fraiche and fresh crab meat.



  1. Really love the thought of the crab meat in this. The add-ins really made this dish.

  2. Now your idea for adding crab makes me hungry. That's how I'll do this recipe next time. Lovely photos and enjoyed your post.

  3. your photos make me hungry! the crab is SUCH a great idea!

  4. Looks great with all the garnishes! I find it sweet too with the 2 sprigs of rosemary. Will make it with 1 next time.

  5. This looks great. I love that you added crab AND bacon. Next time, I'll try that.

  6. amazing!! crabmeats as garnishing... perfecto!!I will try that the next time :) Well done !

  7. Definitely try the crab meat when you make this soup again. Thank you for all the comments :)

  8. I also love crab and corn soups (both the Chinese and the heavier chowders) - your version looks fantastic! What a bright and beautiful bowl, Robin.

  9. My D had the same comment about the soup, and then decided it was good (esp with the bacon). Love that you added crab.

  10. Looks beautiful! I agree that the garnish is important to balance the sweetness of the soup. I've got to try a seafood version some time - it sounds so good.