April 3, 2012

TWD: Pizza Rustica

This was one that took some explaining to my family. "What are we having for dinner?" they ask, "pizza rustica", I say. Then we went over what that meant and what it was... still all they heard was pizza. Out of the oven my little pizza pie came and everyone was like, "I thought we were having pizza"! No one ever listens to me.

The crust was very quick and easy to make as was the filling. I added about an ounce of spicy pepperoni to the filling mixture. I was surprised that the sweet pastry went so well with the creamy, savory filling. Very nice dinner and a yummy lunch today.

This weeks TWD recipe was selected by Emily at Capital Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home.  Check out their blogs and all the others Baking with Julia at Tuesdays with Dorie.

Happy Baking!


  1. Robin - that looks so charming in the square baker :-) Very nice.

    1. Thanks, Cher. I still have a chocolate truffle tart in my round pie plate, roll on Sunday!

  2. I love that you made yours square…it looks so pretty! Love the photo of the cut piece with the salad…delicious!
    No one ever listens to me either!! And I love when they say “you did’t tell me that”.

  3. Too funny! Selective hearing. I like the square pie. Your filling looks tasty.