January 20, 2012

FFwD: quartre-quarts

What an easy and delicious cake to make!  I tried it with a teaspoon of cognac and a teaspoon of vanilla which gave it a really nice flavor.  I baked it for 25 minutes and checked it with a toothpick, but after it started to cool it began sinking in the middle.  Why do cakes sometimes do that?  It was perfectly cooked in all the places I tested it, just not the very center, which I'm sure I checked.  Anyway, it was yummy with a cup of tea and enjoyed by all!

Can you see that hole emerging right in the middle?

Gooey right in the center

Cut the goo away and it was just right!


  1. Mine did the same thing...I noticed it was not done in the center. My oven was still hot so I put it back in and left it there for about 10 more minutes. With most cakes that wouldn't have worked but it did with this one. Next time I know to leave it in the oven longer. Your cake looks wonderful anyway! It was delicious!

    1. Good thinking! We still enjoyed it and having less to eat is not necessarily a bad thing :)

  2. Looks good to me, and so delicious. Tricia and I enjoyed this little french pound cake too,
    and I will definitely be trying this again.

  3. Your cake looks great! I imagine the cognac gave the cake a lovely flavor, I thought about trying amaretto next time (I have an almond thing going on lately!).

  4. Hi Robin, yes I think mine would have been unfinished in the middle too if I had pulled it out on time....but since I have one oven that undercooks (and that's the one I used) and one that overcooks, I have to watch the recipes more than I care to...I did actually use the 3 tsp of cognac, so I don't think that's the issue, just the time in oven...yours looks good, like it rose really well...and the taste can't be beat!

  5. Oh boo, I hate when cakes sink in the center! :( It still looks delicious though!

  6. It's a bummmer when you get that sag, isn't it? (although your picture doesn't look like it)
    I did get a little bit of a sag with this one, but the center was done so I am not sure what the issue was. I just figured that I wasn't as gentle with the whites or something...

  7. Oh how annoying, but looks like you still had a good amount of cake which cooked properly. I tested mine at 25 minutes and it was not done at all (it was still visibly jiggling when I checked it) so I left it in there for 5 more minutes and then it was perfect.

  8. I had to bake mine a few minutes longer too... I think about a half hour, but depending on the baked good I have to cook for more or less time. The color of the pan you use sometimes effects it too. :( But it seems you were able to enjoy it nonetheless!

  9. You wouldn't know the cake had a little sag - the photos make it look like it turned out perfect. I think I had to leave mine in a few more minutes. Great cake! Love the simplicity.