May 1, 2012

TWD: Hungarian Shortbread

A family and cake divided...

Now, I wish I had read what was on the menu for TWD prior to today.  I could have used some of the 2 pounds of rhubarb I used on Sunday to make a rhubarb crumble that could have fed the masses. 

On with the Hungarian Shortbread... my son doesn't like jam, so I knew a compromise would have to be made on this one.  Strawberry jam would go on half to stay true to the recipe.  I thought of maybe spreading some Nutella on part of the crust and then remembered my secret bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares with carmel that I keep for emergencies :)  Sort of reminded me of Millionaire Shortbread, but better.

Shredding the frozen shortbread dough gave these bars a really light texture, unlike crunchy shortbread cookies. The bars with the chocolate carmel squares were yummy, but I think I preferred the sweetness of the bars with the strawberry jam.

If you'd like to get the recipe, check out Baking with Julia.  Or find it on one of our Tuesdays with Dorie hosts blogs, Lynette at 1smallkitchen or Cher at The not so exciting adventures of a dabbler...


  1. What a clever peacemaker you are :-) And you are a trooper to give up your squares to the cause.

    Lovely job!

  2. Yours came out beautifully ,I loved this dough I couldnt stop eating it !

  3. Wow what an interesting way to create the filings. Thanks


  4. I was thinking about making a chocolate layer, but decided to stick with the recipe. My chocolate loving husband liked it anyway. I like how crumbly the cake withe the jam looks. Great job!

  5. Very creative! I love the idea of a chocolate layer…I might have to do that next time. Your bars are beautiful and I’m sure very delicious!

  6. Nice choices. I love the photo of the two fillings!