December 10, 2011

FFwD: Chard-Stuffed Roast Pork

Every Wednesday at work I have to prepare a roast dinner for our residents (14, 80 & 90+ year olds). This week I had planned to do roast pork, so when I checked to see what this weeks recipe was I thought perfect! Now this little group I cook for are pretty set in their ways when it comes to food. They like what they like - meat, potatoes, two veg and gravy. But, every now and again I like to shake up their taste buds and offer them something new.  This week they got a taste of French Friday with Dorie!

I didn't have Swiss chard on hand so I used cabbage instead. My butcher had already boned & rolled my loin of pork. So I had to reopen it and try and get it flattened as much as possible. It was a pretty thick piece of meat with a thick layer of fat on top (this becomes crispy crackling which they love!). I'm thinking this would have been easier to prepare with a pork tenderloin or just a smaller pork roast.

It was a pretty easy dish to put together. My stuffing sort of fell out of the bottom of my roast, again I think it had to do with the thickness of my meat. Overall, a hit and I would make again for my family.  Might also be good with apples in the stuffing?

Happy French Friday!

*forgot my camera, so had to use my phone for photos.

Looked like a salad stuffed pork, probably could
have cooked the cabbage down a little more.

Trying to roll things back up, wasn't really cut correctly.

Ready for the oven!

Little bit of a stuffing explosion

Photo prior to covering it with gravy.  Served with
roast potatoes, mashed carrot & swede and green beans.


  1. Love that you cooked this for the "crew".
    I used golden raisins in mine & kept thinking apples - I am sure that would be a great addition.

  2. I bet they all enjoyed this variation! :) It's great to introduce a new idea to someone and for them to love it or enjoy it! :) Do you also live in England??

  3. Great stuffing ideas. We just ate the leftovers today and they were delicious. Hubby commented that the roast was better the second time around...all the seasonings and flavors came together and the roast was even better. Cabbage is a great idea and also goes well with fruit. Good choice.

  4. What a great idea to use cabbage. My stuffing also fell out quite a bit and I had to keep stuffing it back in. I am glad it was a hit with your residents!

  5. I found it a bit tricky keeping the stuffing in as well!
    I would have never thought of cabbage! Sounds delicious!
    And looks great!